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The Development Center

We are equipped with a high-quality presentation and testing artisanal bakery and confectionery for maximum customer service quality improvement. Our customers can check the quality of our products themselves here and get the experience and practical skills from the bakery field at the same time, all under the supervision of our experienced professionals.

Types of baking in the bakery center:

  • Development baking - new products, innovations or tailor made products
  • Trainings and presentation baking
  • Baking with the customers during the seminars or postgraduate courses
  • Test baking for final product quality check
  • Presentation baking during “Open days” or “Partner days”


Thinking and creativity are our daily bread. Our technologists constantly seek for the best possible bonding between new nutritional trends and new technological processes.


We always work on our product quality improvement and the assortment expansion following our technologists´ practical experience from the real production sites.


One of the big development tasks is especially classical products and recipes improvement according the the new trends or customers´ demands