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Improvers And Mixes Sale

We offer a compact range of improvers and special and cereal mixes for bakeries including the basic assortment for confectioneries and gastronomy plus selected bakery ingredients according to actual offer, mainly of our own production with some imported items.


Is provided by outsourced transporting companies or by regional representatives.

Technological Services

We offer complex and operative technological services to all customers according to their specific needs (presentations, development, complaints handling, preventive actions etc.)

Qualified Consulting

Our experienced and skilled technologists provide free of charge consultations for the whole segment of bakery and confectionery technologies to both professional and non-professional public (by phone, e-mail, visit). We offer our rich experience especially in the field of bread and sourdough technologies!

Tailor-Made Development

We can develop and test (internally and externally) new bakery technologies, improvers and mixes or final products based exactly according to our customers´ production demands.

Laboratory Analyses

We offer rheological analyses of food flours in our laboratory as a direct sales support and in cooperation with the technologists


We organise free of charge trainings, courses and seminars according to our customers´ individual needs. We also offer the possibility to organise company or association etc. trainings, meetings or seminars including postgraduate or retraining courses.

Marketing Support

We provide areal or individual marketing support of new products, campaigns or seasonal activities as a sales support (e.g. leaflets and other POS materials, advertising presents, tastings, presentations at the customers, excursions to foreign countries etc.)